No Show this Week

Well, it appears that everything has conspired against us this week and we have not recorded a show. Wish us luck for next week.

Episode 14 – Games for Cats

Episode 14 – Games for Cats

The Michael’s find a great how to guide on designing games for cats. How is this relevant for business… Well it’s Friday, it’s Hot, and it’s possibly even the end of the world! So come listen and find out!

5 Tips for Making Video Games Your Cat Wants to Play
End of the world tweet!


Spam Accounts

We’ve had a large number of Spam accounts who have signed up on the site. To that end, we’ve removed all accounts that have not posted. If you are experiencing issues with your log on, please create a new account, and drop us a comment to this thread.

Episode 13 – Programming for the Brain

Michael M. and special guest Phaedra Boinodiris make a few book recommendations to help program your brain on using gaming for business, while Michael R is off this week. Phaedra also announces that she is writing a book and is currently working on the chapter about Ethics in Serious Games, so be on the look out for it.

Recommended books
Reality is Broken
Ender’s Game – by Orson Scott Card
Persuasive Games – by Ian Bogost and from wired magazine Cow Clicker
The Eight – by Katherine Neville
On Fairy Stories – by J.R.R. Tolkien


Episode 12 – We’re going Old School

We are kicking it Old School with a visit to Code School! After a reading a few tweets and emails we have an exciting developer focus episode this week. We talk about how you can Level-Up your skills, how you can leverage your guild over at stack overflow, and then wrap it up with a pretty picture of how gaming address your desire for hard but fun activities. So sit back, pour yourself a large red-eye and get ready to code!

Show Links:
Andy PiperGame Visualization
Tweet from James Governor at RedMonk
Mobile Development Class
Envy Labs
Gaming Developer Support
Khan Academy