Episode 42 – Physiotherapy Games

The Michael’s have special guests Marilyne Lopes and Alexis Biller on this week. Marilyne is a French Physiotherapist working in the United Arab Emirates, using games and technology to help children improve balance, recovery from injuries, and cerebral palsy. Alexis, a long time listener to the show and husband of Marilyne, also brings a history of technology to the show and provides us with a sanity check on many of the medical terms. Between the two of them, we also get a great lesson in Latin!

We discuss various technologies and how they are used in therapy and speculate on what the future may hold as more and more technology goes from being high end, custom developed solutions, to more off the shelf but significantly more engaging.

Show Links:
KUUR Rehabilitationtwitter
Wii Balance Board
Google Glass
Leap Motion
Flexible Sensors
Moves App
Garmin Swim
Self Quantification
Cool Tech from London 2012 Olympic Games
Blood Oxygen Levels
Jawbone Up
Kinesio Taping
Jane McGonigal

Audio Only Games – Thank you WideawakeWesley
The Pit
Papa Sangre
Blind Side


Episode 41 – The Paymeium Currency

The Michael’s are on together and get to talk about some incredible architecture, the long tail, and generational change before we jump in deep on some cool and fun games to help change the way you do things. Both Habit RPG and Chore Wars are great ways of leveraging your love of Dungeons & Dragons to help you game your way to new behaviors. We even talk a bit about how we can leverage this to improve our attendance for the show! We also include a great listener link on gamefication. We wrap it up with a bit of Nimble Quest: Go check out a video we’ve posted here and .

We are a including a ton of link references this week for your benefit.

Show Links
Sagrada FamThe Pillars of the Earth – by Ken Follett
Habit RPG
Chore Wars
Dungeons and Dragons
White Box Set and Reprint notification
Vile in a Vial
More Pixel People
Dr. Dolittle
Super Stickman Golf – iOS
Super Stickman Golf – Android
Midway Arcade – iOS
NCAA Leg Break – don’t watch if you are squeamish
Gauntlet Video
Nimble Quest

Listener Link:
Gameification by Deloitte