Episode 46 – Cards Against Humanity

The Michael’s decide to take a break from Electronic games and end up talking about some cool, fun, and mind expanding card games; while our co-host, Phadera, is unfortunately unable to join us. We check out both a highly irreverent game (Cards Against Humanity) and a much more serious game of One Hat At A Time. We quickly go back and forth between old school (physical cards) to new school (with applications like “unstuck”).

So next time you have a problem take a look at a deck of cards and perhaps you will get a few new ideas. If not, how about a drink with our favorite new Raspberry Pi kickstarter – Bartnendo!

Show Links:
Cards Against Humanity
UnStuck and Site
One Hat At A Time
Creative Whack Pack
Bartendo – Kickstarter
The Robot that wants you to drink
Michael’s new Bag


Episode 45 – Googlely Fun

Michael, Michael, and Phaedra get back together for an exciting show all about the latest games related to Google Glass, and while we are at it we talk about the incredible Google IO Keynote and Larry Page’s triumphant return to the stage. Google comes out swinging at this year’s Google IO conference, talking about openness, games, education, and it’s all available on Google Island. If you’ve not seen it, watch it here:

After talking about 3D printing the other week, we discover even more craziness with a high capacity assault weapons now available from your nearest 3D Printer, and While we talk about all this Googlely fun, we also play a bit of GeoGuessing.

Show Links

Google Glass Games
Google Island
Google in the classroom
Cheap 3D Printer Kickstarter