Episode 54 – She Blinded Me, With Science!

Games for Health, Experiments, and Brain Improvements are some of the topics we talk about this week as all three co-hosts are back together. Phaedra tells us all about the discussions of gaming at the Southeast Smarter Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit, which allows Michael R. to reminisce about work he did in healthcare almost 20 years ago. We brainstorm on how electronic medical records could be integrated into simulations, so Doctors could pre-experience a procedure with all the nuances of the patient’s history. Given these simulations, we do a quick diversion to talk about the history of genetics.

After playing a few games to improve our brains, we discuss the value of flash cards… So sit back, and grab your favorite hand held gaming platform and enjoy the show!

Show Links:
Southeast Smarter Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit
Remission 2 -Online Cancer Fighting Video Game
Remission 2 – Play the game here
Wounded Warrior Project
Living forever – from Ted
Labster iOS App
Mendel’s Genetics
Brain Age: Concentration Training for Nintedo 3DS
Anki – Intelligent Flash Cards


Episode 53 – Mad (Wo)Men and MOOCs

Michael M with Coca Cola

Michael M with Coca Cola


Phaedra and Michael M talk about reaching people in different ways — through advertising, in game purchases, marketing, and education.  Establishing relationships between organizations and people, whether from a brand to a person, a game to a player, and an instructor to a student are all changing and scaling up.

Phaedra and Michael discuss how that specifications for all courseware should be structured so that anything could be plugged into a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course).  Imagine what could be — mobile, social learning, in-course purchases, power ups, gamification, audio, video, and even more!

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Selected show links


SuperAwesome Launches Mobile Ad Network — http://techcrunch.com/2013/07/11/kmn/
womengamers.com — http://womengamers.com
more Hungarian Coca-Cola advertising —

Hungarian Coca-Cola ad

Hungarian Coca-Cola ad

Blackboard founders say Online Education to Put Price Pressure on Traditional Schools — http://techcrunch.com/2013/07/11/blackboard-co-founders-says-online-education-set-to-put-price-pressure-on-traditional-schools/
MOOC — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massive_Open_Online_Course
Kahn Academy — http://www.khanacademy.org
Office of Science, Technology and Planning – http://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/ostp
Goldie Blox — http://www.goldieblox.com
Mad Men TV show – http://www.amctv.com/shows/mad-men


Things that make you go hmmmm

Budapest Starbucks Finder

Since there will be a delay in producing the audio podcast for this past Friday’s recording with Michael M and Phaedra, I thought I’d share a couple interesting things. This morning, on our way to Visegrád for the annual Palace Games, we stopped at the Deák Ter Starbucks for some caffeinated encouragement. I noticed the chalk sign in the coffee shop and shared it with Foursquare, and remembered the Lewis Black comedy routine where Lewis said that there are places, such as in Houston, where you could walk out of one Starbucks, and see another right across the road. Good news for those visiting Budapest, that there is a map right in the Starbucks to find another Starbucks.

A listener shared a link with us this morning that had me practically spilling my coffee — the “worst video game ever” from the New Yorker.

The fact that this video game would grant one, (yes, you got that right) one point to the player who successfully completed one full, real time equivalent eight hour trip from Tuscon, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada is only the start of the fun. There is nothing to see or do in this game, except to pilot your bus from Arizona to Nevada. No pausing, no breaks, and driving the bus requires constant correction. I’m laughing again just thinking about what this gameplay must be like… A challenge to our listeners for the next show… Give the article a read, and mail/tweet/post to Facebook, G+, Tumblr your suggestions for what kind of business games could be launched given a similar setup.

With some good luck, my hard drive replacement and data restoration will be complete, and the show will be posted by Wednesday. This post was written from my iPad after formatting the newly installed hard drive and kicking off the restore. Maybe there’s a game in this, where I would have to stay up for hours, clicking on ‘ok’ buttons that would time out and require me to restart the whole operation again if I didn’t respond within 30 seconds. While I’m laughing a bit, I’m also concerned, since I do need this hard drive restore to work!

Episode 52 – Swapping your Battery in 90 Seconds

While many people are taking the day off in the U.S. to recover from all the sounds of the fireworks, the Michael’s take the time to check out some new glasses which you can wear via your iPad.

We then look at how a blog post by Ramin Shokrizade over at Gamasutra, where he discusses the tips and tricks that Free to Play game designers use to get money from players. We decide it would be put to much better use if we can take these techniques and use them to help business and employees improve their skills and efficiencies. Can you identify who will use a game for the best outcome verses those who may just be using it to pass time? What about how some games or businesses use progress gates to help self select players. When do you decide not to play any more? We answer all of these questions.

We then look at how Tesla is changing the rules in how long it takes to tank up your electric car! Will this help change the buying behaviors of car shoppers?

Finally, we want to hear about how you think gaming can be used to help more young women and girls become engaged in Engineering and Science. We’ll be talking about it next week on Games At Work dot Biz!

Show Links:
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Michael R’s Glasses
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Swapping out your Battery in no time!