Episode 93 – I am friends with me and so am I

Michael and Michael look at how companies and community organizations will game advertising thru contest and social media. Would you be willing to spam your friends with social content for a chance to reduce the cost of something you already do? Is it Spam if you really like doing it, and are likely to do it anyway? Is Facebook social gaming more valuable than Twitter following? How do you determine the authenticity of a review or reviewer? Is the voice of the reviewer consistent?

We also give a quick teaser for our upcoming interview with the inventor of the IBM Design Thinking Game – Sean Pizel and his game “Wild Ducks”.

Show Links:
Welcome back Kotter
Dance Theatre South
Apple continues to Game the press


Episode 92 – Premium Currency Redux

A rare face to face episode with the two Michaels, but only one microphone. We take a look at a few of our favorite time wasters and their ever increasing pain thresholds that are trying to get people to spend premium currency. We also get a kick out of the writers over at the Simpsons Tapped Out, and their ability to not only make fun of their own game, but to go after others as well.

Show Links:
Simpsons Tapped Out – Clash of Clones
Clash of Clans
Family Guy – Quest for Stuff – Comicon Edition


Episode 91 – GraviTalent Interview

GraviTalent Interview
This week we have a special interview with the founders of GraviTalent from Hungary. Our co-host Michael Martine spends his final week in Hungary interviewing the founders: David Szilagyi and Balázs Vedres. GraviTalent uses gaming technology and play to help assess employees and skills for new startups and small companies. They measure work aptitude, attitude and cognitive style. Using examples like a spaghetti bridges and gravitational fields, GraviTalent helps attract like individuals and companies.

The GraviTalent team is also building multi-player games so have better understanding of team dynamics, to help identify team synergies and compatibility to enhance the likelihood that individuals are a fit for a team.

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@gravitalent on Twitter
on Facebook
on G+
and individually David (Twitter) and (LinkedIn) and Balázs (LinkedIn):


Episode 90 – Educ∞ Game

The whole gang miraculously shows up for a end of summer episode. We look at lessons we can learn from drug dealers and how they play the business game. We look at how games can impact a business – like Michael R’s favorite game “Dungeon’s and Dragons.” After a bit of brain storming, based on our favorite GameStorming activities. We also try to figure out how you can segment your brain to address appropriate gaming techniques like two to N dimensional problems. Sandy leverages this idea to help drive the ideas behind the “Educ∞ Game”. Perhaps we can actually drive this “Career Advising Game” across multiple universities to change the way students can identify appropriate classes for their career choice.

Michael M can’t wait for next week’s show to address non-linear processing and murmuration. In the mean time he will recording an interview with the founders of GraviTalent.

Business Lessons from The Sinaloa Drug Cartel
The Ambush At Sheridan Springs
Plague, Inc.
Zombie Game at CDC
Connected Fridge Tumblr (NSFW)
Games we are playing:
Michael M. – Kim Kardashian Game
Sandy K. – Monopoly and Spoons
Michael R. – Clash of Clans