Blog posts verses podcasts

Hi!  Your co-host and co-founder of GamesAtWork.Biz here – Michael R.  I know we’ve not been very good lately at posting shows and I wanted to just drop a note to say we are still around.  For some reason 2016 has been crazy for all of us at  Crazy with Travel, Crazy with day jobs, and Crazy in our personal lives. One of the big questions I have is, as a listener to this podcast would you be interested if we posted some blog posts on those weeks when we are unable to record a show?  I know we’ve talked about posting reviews for games we are playing… but haven’t had time to get around to them, so I am not promising anything; however, would it be interesting if we get our co-hosts to post about events we are attending, games we are playing, and/or other interesting things that come to our minds.  Let us know what you think.  Hit us up on twitter, drop us an email, comment on this post, or rate us on the iTunes Store.  Thanks… now back to your regularly scheduled weekend.

A Thankful Post

While we are not recording a show this week, it is the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving this week, we do want to take a minute to say thank you to all of our listeners and guests. Without each of you, this podcast would not be possible (well technically we could sit in a room or on Skype and record a conversation). Your input, feedback and support mean a lot to us. Each week that we hear from you via email, twitter, Facebook or even on this site, let’s us know that this podcast is worth while. it is in that spirit that we will be expanding our format to include more tech topics. While we still are big supports and fans of gamefication technology – it has become apparent that this may be too narrow of a niche. What do you think? Drop us a note and let us know.

Expanding our Format

We are looking to expand the topics for the podcast, and would like your feedback. As a loyal listener, please drop us a note at our email address (or comment on this post, or hit us up on twitter, facebook, or tumblr.)

While there are a ton of good tech news podcasts and games podcasts, we are thinking that our love for general tech and games, could be included in this podcast, without requiring a tie to Gamification. What do you think?

Are there other topics you’d like us to expand too? We’d value and appretiate your feedback soon so we can get ready for next year. Happy Holiday! And Merry New Year!

Your Co-Host

You can now find us on Stitcher

Just a quick note to everyone… One of our listeners suggested we try to get on Stitcher as a means for distributing the show, and low and behold! I can now announce that GamesAtWork dot Biz is now available on Stitcher radio! If you’ve not used Stitcher before, you can sample us on their website, or you can download the Stitcher app on your favorite mobile platform. So let us know what you think and thanks for following checking us out.

Here you can see it!!


Episode 1 – Wouldn’t You Like to be a Mayor Too?

Your friendly neighborhood podcasters are swinging back into action again with a new podcast for a new year — games at work. The inaugural episode 00001 (both in binary and base 10!) kicks off with your trio of hosts, Michael Martine, Andy Piper and Michael Rowe consider several games, from Foursquare to Waze to Oink to Square, and how the social interaction and competition among friends helps to keep the gamers coming back for more.

Games at Work goes back to the early roots of what brought your hosts together in the first place — a love of games and how the intersection with business and social technologies make them more than simple pastimes. The podcast will explore where games are being used for business results today and how existing games may be adapted to new ways of creating social, economic and other values.

We’d like to thank¬†Zebes System¬†for their awesome version of the MoonPatrol theme.

Your hosts are eager to interact with you via multiple paths — you can use 140 characters on Twitter, send an email or even a gamecenter friend request! Check us out at .