Episode 90 – Educ∞ Game

The whole gang miraculously shows up for a end of summer episode. We look at lessons we can learn from drug dealers and how they play the business game. We look at how games can impact a business – like Michael R’s favorite game “Dungeon’s and Dragons.” After a bit of brain storming, based on our favorite GameStorming activities. We also try to figure out how you can segment your brain to address appropriate gaming techniques like two to N dimensional problems. Sandy leverages this idea to help drive the ideas behind the “Educ∞ Game”. Perhaps we can actually drive this “Career Advising Game” across multiple universities to change the way students can identify appropriate classes for their career choice.

Michael M can’t wait for next week’s show to address non-linear processing and murmuration. In the mean time he will recording an interview with the founders of GraviTalent.

Business Lessons from The Sinaloa Drug Cartel
The Ambush At Sheridan Springs
Plague, Inc.
Zombie Game at CDC
Connected Fridge Tumblr (NSFW)
Games we are playing:
Michael M. – Kim Kardashian Game
Sandy K. – Monopoly and Spoons
Michael R. – Clash of Clans


Episode 15 – A Short Interlude

In this week’s episode, Michael R. gets caught up on a few thoughts and discusses some upcoming activities for the Games At Work dot Biz team. He also rambles on a bit about a few books he recently finished …


Episode 8 – GameStorming

Michael and Andy talk with James Macanufo – one of the authors of the book “Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers” (along with Dave Gray and Sunni Brown). They guys take the conversation from games, to vodka, to the “new” iPad, and finally to remote collaboration techniques. A must listen to show!

Go-Gamestorm Site
Doodler, unite!
Earth destroyed?

Follow James at @macgeo
and don’t forget to tweet with the hashtag #gamestorming


Episode 00004 – WTF?

Where’s the FUN?!?!? – That’s the question that Michael and Michael ask this week, while Andy is out and about.  We focus on a few game examples including the new Matching game called InstaMatch.  We also look at fun and interesting progress systems, and some not so fun… Spinning beach ball we’re talking to you!

Next episode we are looking forward to talking to one of the Authors of the book “GameStorming

Bonus Links:

Nest thermostat

ePredator’s thermostat stats