Episode 134 – Swords and Virtual Realities

Michael R and Phaedra are back after a prolonged absence, and we obsess about all kinds of conferences. Phaedra is in the middle of conference season, but joins Michael this week to look at a whole host of great ideas on MindCraft, NASA, App Challenges, Simulation, and Virtual Realities. We also take an amazing trip down memory lane to relive the Worst Game that Phaedra has ever played!

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Show Links:
East Coast Gamers Conference
SwitchPoint Conference
Egg Salad Sandwich – no actually EdSim Challenge!

MindCraft Segment
Medical MindCraft
Microsoft Training AI with MineCraft

Space and Simulations
breveWalker App
On The Origin of Species
Timex Sinclair
The Game of Life
Nasa Space Apps Challenge
The Marge-ian Chronicles

VR Segment
IBM’s real-life Sword Art Online
Sony PlayStation and VR

Star Wars Battlefront
STEM in 30 from Air and Space Museum
The NiceBot says “Hello”

Games we are playing
Michael R – Futurama game
Phaedra – A very old Gaming review for the Worst Game ever!


Episode 36 – Maps With Games

We are back! Phaedra and the Michael’s are back for an exciting episode of games at work, and this week it’s all about pixelated pavlovian responses – and we don’t mention Waze once!. Michael get’s us all to play a few simple games to make a point about pavlovian responses. We start with the cute kitten in Rescue Rush – where you leverage local maps to help rescue animals. And once again, Michael M. shows that while he loves playing the game, he refuses to help the developers by making the obligatory in app purchase. Or is he just showing the courage of his convictions, that he won’t get sucked into the trap! Phaedra then thinks about how the Girl Scouts could benefit from these type of Augmented Reality games – can you really share your cookies?!?!

We then move over to Pixel People, where we you build a city and people for the purpose of discovery via cloning and mutating people. Encouraging discovery and causing flow. Michael R. informs us that he’s flowed out on a few of his reason games, include the Simpson’s Tappd out game.
We ultimately decided that it’s not just a badges or point question, that it is really the Pavlovian bell question. Do you have enough bells in your day job, what is the cool factor that would get you to keep playing at work?

We’d like to go deeper on the subject of game stickiness and rewards, and how it should play out for a business environment. So drop us a comment, email, or tweet, and we’ll discuss in more detail next time on – Games At Work dot Biz!

Show Links:
Rescue Rush
FarmVille goes Hollywood
Segway History
Pixel People
The Game of Life
G Summit – San Francisco

Savings Throws:
Phaedra – Superman Lands in Russia

Michael M – Cards Against Humanity
Michael R – Moves for iPhone