Episode 142 – It’s Hot enough to char a Charzard

Wow! Do we have a hot show for you this week! All three of our show hosts are together to scorch your ear holes! We begin with Linden Lab’s new hotness – Project Sansar, bounce on over to the hot new AR game Pokémon Go, look at hot technology with Blockchain, and we end the show with a review of some hot new start up and education incubators in Europe.

Show Links
The Rent is Too Damn High Party
Linden Lab releases Project Sansar
Pokémon Go is live!
Pokémon Go Plus
Project Ingress
Politics and Blockchain
BRexit and Blockchain
Blockchain for Insurance
Microsoft’s Project Malmo is teaching AI in Minecraft
Education with no books, no teachers, and no tuition

Games we are playing
Lego Star Wars – The Force Awakens


Episode 27 – Creative Spaces

The Michael’s are at it once again, and once again we are stuck with only two of our show hosts. We miss you Phaedra!

We decide to have a bit of fun talking about podcasting, social media, and creative 2D spaces from Linden Lab. Michael R. decides to tease Michael M. with his Letterpress strategery. We also discuss how games can become quickly popular and the implications to IT infrastructures, like Apple’s GameCenter platform. Are you using random-social matching for your head to head gaming? Could you do this at work?

Michael R. also tries to figure out what Linden Lab is doing with their first ever iPad app – Creative Spaces.

Show Links:
Linden Lab – Creatorverse
Letter Press game
Fischer Technik
Little Big Planet

Savings Throws:
Michael M – Election Night Coverage:
Wailing saxophonist from the Air Force band http://t.co/lcrs13Do #electionnightbudapest
Sweet Home Chicago in the main ballroom with the Légierö Zenekar Hungarian Air Force Band http://t.co/0YXRS4Gd #electionnightbudapest
Michael R – Windows 8 Experience: