You get into the show, and when it's your turn to explain the game, you fumble a bit, misunderstanding how the Twine example is supposed to work. You quickly download the Twine editor from <html> <a href=""></a> </html> and start to build a game while recording. (it is an audio podcast, after all, and the dead air can be fixed in post). \n\nYour co-hosts are slightly amazed at your creativity and quick thinking to save the idea, and create a hook for a good show anyway. You offer them chocolate for their patience after the recording stops, and promise to be better prepared next time.\n\nthe end
You check out your Twitter stream for the day. In amongst the requests for clebrity retweets, sports scores, shameless self promotions and thinly disguised advertisements, you find a gem of an idea! Do you follow the link, or do you get enough of the idea from the 140 characters that you are ready to record the show?\n\n* [[Follow link]]\n* [[Record the show!]]
What a miserable excuse for a recording session! No one had any good ideas, and you wind up talking for 30 minutes about migration patterns of Canadian geese and musing about whether it may be more efficient for them to fly in a W vs a V pattern.\n\nYou offer your co-hosts (and audience) chocolate for making them suffer through the inane chatter.\n\nthe end
You are a co-host of an internationally reknowned podcast, focused on games and game technology. The recording session is in two hours. You haven't prepared at all for the topics this week. What do you do?\n\n* [[Phone a Friend]]\n* [[Check out your Twitter stream]]\n* [[Wing it!]]
You follow the link, watch a video and become a just-in-time expert on how to develop a Twine game. You take 15 minutes to develop the game, save and publish it to your co-hosts.\n\nThey are amazed at your insight, creativity, and general good looks, praising you for your efforts and saying you're the best! They even offer you chocolate!\n\nthe end
You call up your best friend, and you go right to voicemail.\n\n* [[Give up]]\n* [[Phone another friend|Phone a Friend]]
Games at Work Podcast Game
You decide to call in sick for the recording session. Your co-hosts are mightily displeased with you. You need to make this up to them somehow. Chocolate springs readily to mind.\n\nthe end