Episode 95 – Internet of Noobs

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Another exciting episode!!! With the Michael M. and Michael R. as we think thru two interesting games. The first being a new website to proposes to teach you how to program in Python using game mechanics… and then second is a bit of brain storming around the kid (or cat) wrangling game using connected devices and sensors! Do you think that game is worth it? What are the right incentives? Would it have the desired outcomes? Can you help improve our game? If so, drop us a comment down below, or tweet to us at @GamesAtWork_Biz .

Show Links:
Python Programming Game
Shameless Demo Plug – Raleigh Internet of Things Meetup
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Episode 12 – We’re Going Old School
Apple’s Swift Programming Langauge
ePredator’s latest blog post- A Must Read
Tons of KickStarters with Sensors
ITS World Congress
Audi’s self parking car


Is change in the air?

We have another week without a show. While each of us is sad to say this, we also are working to improve the show. Now that all four co-hosts are all in the same timezone and three out of four are actually within a 30 mile diameter. What do you think of a video podcast? We’ve been dealing with setting up a video channel on YouTube, but have not had much success to date on Google Hangouts.

Let us know what you think, and what would make Games At Work dot Biz more valuable to you. Thank you for all your support to date.

Episode 94 – IBM Design Thinking Game

Michael and Michael welcome Sean Pizel to the show to talk about the game he designed to help IBM employees and executives learn about IBM Design Thinking. Sean is a designer at IBM and designed game “Wild Ducks”. The game specifically encourages much of the concepts behind Design Thinking to be used in order to improve likelihood that you will delivery a successful and profitable software solution.

Show Links:
IBM Design
History of Wild Ducks
How to stuff a wild duck – poster
You Don’t Know Jack
Neuroshima Hex
Zen Pinball
Warlords of Draenor – Beta
Robin Williams in Wow


Episode 93 – I am friends with me and so am I

Michael and Michael look at how companies and community organizations will game advertising thru contest and social media. Would you be willing to spam your friends with social content for a chance to reduce the cost of something you already do? Is it Spam if you really like doing it, and are likely to do it anyway? Is Facebook social gaming more valuable than Twitter following? How do you determine the authenticity of a review or reviewer? Is the voice of the reviewer consistent?

We also give a quick teaser for our upcoming interview with the inventor of the IBM Design Thinking Game – Sean Pizel and his game “Wild Ducks”.

Show Links:
Welcome back Kotter
Dance Theatre South
Apple continues to Game the press


Episode 92 – Premium Currency Redux

A rare face to face episode with the two Michaels, but only one microphone. We take a look at a few of our favorite time wasters and their ever increasing pain thresholds that are trying to get people to spend premium currency. We also get a kick out of the writers over at the Simpsons Tapped Out, and their ability to not only make fun of their own game, but to go after others as well.

Show Links:
Simpsons Tapped Out – Clash of Clones
Clash of Clans
Family Guy – Quest for Stuff – Comicon Edition


Episode 91 – GraviTalent Interview

GraviTalent Interview
This week we have a special interview with the founders of GraviTalent from Hungary. Our co-host Michael Martine spends his final week in Hungary interviewing the founders: David Szilagyi and Balázs Vedres. GraviTalent uses gaming technology and play to help assess employees and skills for new startups and small companies. They measure work aptitude, attitude and cognitive style. Using examples like a spaghetti bridges and gravitational fields, GraviTalent helps attract like individuals and companies.

The GraviTalent team is also building multi-player games so have better understanding of team dynamics, to help identify team synergies and compatibility to enhance the likelihood that individuals are a fit for a team.

Show Links:
@gravitalent on Twitter
on Facebook
on G+
and individually David (Twitter) and (LinkedIn) and Balázs (LinkedIn):


Episode 90 – Educ∞ Game

The whole gang miraculously shows up for a end of summer episode. We look at lessons we can learn from drug dealers and how they play the business game. We look at how games can impact a business – like Michael R’s favorite game “Dungeon’s and Dragons.” After a bit of brain storming, based on our favorite GameStorming activities. We also try to figure out how you can segment your brain to address appropriate gaming techniques like two to N dimensional problems. Sandy leverages this idea to help drive the ideas behind the “Educ∞ Game”. Perhaps we can actually drive this “Career Advising Game” across multiple universities to change the way students can identify appropriate classes for their career choice.

Michael M can’t wait for next week’s show to address non-linear processing and murmuration. In the mean time he will recording an interview with the founders of GraviTalent.

Business Lessons from The Sinaloa Drug Cartel
The Ambush At Sheridan Springs
Plague, Inc.
Zombie Game at CDC
Connected Fridge Tumblr (NSFW)
Games we are playing:
Michael M. – Kim Kardashian Game
Sandy K. – Monopoly and Spoons
Michael R. – Clash of Clans


Episode 89 – Augmented Driving

This week, the Michaels focus on how Google’s various properties could all come together for some really cool game play. We also have a surprise at the end of the show! Listen all the way to the end for a surprise.

We discuss the possibilities of what Ingress is really doing as you play. Does the collection of XM change the world? Is there an upcoming cool update to have Ingress and Waze come together? Did you see some cool road-muching during the World Cup? Michael M. tells about the game that was happening in Hungary, while Michael R. did not see any soccer balls to much during the world cup in North Carolina. What is Ingress doing as you play? Michael M. gives a clue based on the amount of battery drainage he is seeing while on a Budapest tram and the amount of data being used. This takes us on a bit of a rant/diversion on data plans.

Jaguar posted a video this week on the Augmented reality, which brings us back to games at work thinking about the overlap between this technology and the cool racing game – Real Racing 3. Is this all bringing us closer to the fully automated driving future? If we get this far, how will security hold up – perhaps the team at the HOPE conference will let us know?

We will have a bit of a break for the next few weeks due to work schedules and travels… However Michael M. commits to providing a show based on interviews with a group of local (Hungary) based game developers.

Drop us your feedback at your favorite GamesAtWork.BIZ site!

Show Links
Ingress on iOS
Jaguar AR Windshield
Real Racing 3
Rinspeed Self Driving Car Vision
Ian’s Choi Video
HOPE X Conference
Monty Python’s Mostly Live
Cool Projection Watch
Girls Make Games Winner
Heart Monitor Bra


Episode 88 – War Games

This week the Michael’s are together again, after a quick holiday break. A fun and exciting show based on a bit of a journey from the Security Now podcast and Steve Gibson’s discussion of the website IP Vikings. We have loads of fun viewing attacking on the internet in real time,while discussing bots, botnets, eliza and personal assistants. We then look at some really cool personal assistant apps, and how you can game your contacts. What games are you playing?

Show links:
Norse Corp
Ip Viking – Real-time Map of Internet Attacks
61% of all Web Traffic is Bots
SunRise Calendar
iOS 8
Phillips Hue
Apple Home Kit
Blue Lights
War Games the movie


Episode 87 – Squeezing out some value

Attempting to get back into a bit of a pattern for recording shows, we return with the Michaels to talk about tech, games and innovation. We go deep on how social networks are being gamed to provide deep data for businesses to sell to you. Is it appropriate for developers to leverage social games to pull data from users for advertising or nefarious purposes? Has Microsoft gotten it write with Cortana? Has FourSquare lost it’s game with Swarm? Do you accept random friend requests in your social checkin applications? Does sharing everything solve the problem? (Are we really that naive to believe it works? Isn’t that what big data is all about?)

Foursquare can uniquely identify you with only four checkins!!!

Google makes glass available in the United Kingdom. How long will you hold out? Does google have the privacy aspect appropriately addressed to expand into Europe? We discuss glass and it’s tie to privacy. Is there a game here?

Home automation has been around for a long time, does Nest and iOS HomeKit change the game? How about tying it to wearables and augmented reality? What does Nest’s data sharing policy mean for Google? Have they gotten it right? We discuss how opt in should be the right way to drive privacy and transparency, is this good enough? Michael tries to drive a “fun” business game for home automation. How about a bidding war that squeezes out some value, if a business can identify your patterns? How much are you worth as a consumer?

We also define a games as something you voluntarily agree to play. We end with a bit of discussion on the games we are currently playing – Michael R. Is playing the Powerpoint game, do you play it???

Show Links:
Family Guy – Quest for Stuff
Simpsons Tapped Out
Outer Limits
Google Privacy Settings
Continuity in OS X and iOS8
Random Mac Address
FourSquare Swarm
Cortana – Microsoft Windows Phone Assistant
Google Glass available in UK
Node Red
Node-Red on Github
Nest shares limited data with Google
Nest buys Dropcam
Alex’s tweet on automobile manufacturers compose sounds

Videos from Innovate “Cool verses Creepy” with @Veronica: