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About me: Michael Rowe is the co-founder and co-host of He maintains the website, and in his spare time sings with the .

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  1. What's been going on

    Thanks! I have corrected…

  2. Episode 97 - The Laws of Online World Design

    Apologies to those who tried the links this morning.. Had worked on show notes in Evernote, and didn’t realize they had put reversed quotes for the closings.. which messed up all the links.. that has been fixed.

  3. Episode 37 - Sticky Games

    Trying to clean up back posts.. appears I have discovered the formatting problem.

  4. Episode 34 - One Way Ticket to Mars

    You do know that we’ve already had tweets from Mars! Check out for the feed!

  5. Episode 28 - Dating Flashmob

    Great idea on the Dating flashmob Phaedra! I hope you’ve already patented it…

  6. Episode 22 - Play for Free on Free to Play

    Great show guys! Wish I were there with you… I am so ready to use map gaming to have my neighbor mow his lawn!!

  7. Episode 19 - Now Playing Seriously!

    Wow! What a great show.. so sorry I missed it. Took me a while to catch the BU 34969 reference.. thanks for that link!