No Show this Week

Unfortunately various things have conspired to impact our ability to put out a show this week. But don’t fear, we are working on some cool things to expand the show. In the mean time, we suggest that you grab a nice beverage of your choice and play a few games!! Let us know what you are playing right now, or what games you think would be great for expanding your skills, brand, or reach!

We’ll be back soon!!

Episode 61 – Future Workplace

Both Michaels listen with rapt attention as Phaedra brings us all up to speed on the Future Workplace 2020 Summit Symposium that she attended this week past week, while teasing two upcoming events: CDC Games for Health and Women Gaming. We then take a quick left turn (that our phones notice due to the new m7 chip) around gaming our health with various sensors and devices. And then spin totally out of control thanks to LinkedIn and it’s game on cheating spouses.

We finally get back on track with a bit of tangible play examples based on the TechCrunch example.

Show Links:
CDC Games for Health Game Jam
Saudi Arabia Female Gaming Convention
Apple’s M7 Chip and iBeacon
Mixing real and virtual gaming
Cheating Spouse Nailed by a game!
Game of Life and on iPhone version

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Phaedra Boinodiris
Michael Martine
Michael Rowe

Links for discussion:
Gaming Talent Management
Gamification is Baloney

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Mummies, Microsoft, Motors and much, much more!

Listeners — you are in for quite the treat, with a jam-packed show from last Friday, filled to the brim with stories from Seattle, debates about whether mummies are zombies (or whether Egyptian zombies are mummies!), buildings that have come alive with Microsoft technology, games with pirates and automobile construction and oh, so much more. So much more, that it is taking even longer for our post-recording team to create the audio file you need to hear. When we say “it’s all about the doughnuts”, you will see exactly what we mean shortly.

We’re aiming for Tuesday, so stay tuned!

Things that make you go hmmmm

Budapest Starbucks Finder

Since there will be a delay in producing the audio podcast for this past Friday’s recording with Michael M and Phaedra, I thought I’d share a couple interesting things. This morning, on our way to Visegrád for the annual Palace Games, we stopped at the Deák Ter Starbucks for some caffeinated encouragement. I noticed the chalk sign in the coffee shop and shared it with Foursquare, and remembered the Lewis Black comedy routine where Lewis said that there are places, such as in Houston, where you could walk out of one Starbucks, and see another right across the road. Good news for those visiting Budapest, that there is a map right in the Starbucks to find another Starbucks.

A listener shared a link with us this morning that had me practically spilling my coffee — the “worst video game ever” from the New Yorker.

The fact that this video game would grant one, (yes, you got that right) one point to the player who successfully completed one full, real time equivalent eight hour trip from Tuscon, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada is only the start of the fun. There is nothing to see or do in this game, except to pilot your bus from Arizona to Nevada. No pausing, no breaks, and driving the bus requires constant correction. I’m laughing again just thinking about what this gameplay must be like… A challenge to our listeners for the next show… Give the article a read, and mail/tweet/post to Facebook, G+, Tumblr your suggestions for what kind of business games could be launched given a similar setup.

With some good luck, my hard drive replacement and data restoration will be complete, and the show will be posted by Wednesday. This post was written from my iPad after formatting the newly installed hard drive and kicking off the restore. Maybe there’s a game in this, where I would have to stay up for hours, clicking on ‘ok’ buttons that would time out and require me to restart the whole operation again if I didn’t respond within 30 seconds. While I’m laughing a bit, I’m also concerned, since I do need this hard drive restore to work!

Podcasts and patents

A few weeks ago, both Michael M and Michael R came across the same content about a challenge to podcasts which could change the way many of us provide and receive our content. In the US there has been a claim that a specific patent from the mid 1990’s is underlying how most podcasts are created and distributed.

The podcast community has been asked to help find prior art to invalidate the patent in question. For more information please check out the following link. Also, if you are a Podcaster, please link to this article and ask your community to help out too.

Episode 50 – Sexy Time

We begin our family show with a bit of risky fun including Oculus Rift going adult with an upcoming VR Adult Game called Wicked Paradise. We reminisce a bit about old school games Leather Goddesses of Phobos and Leisure Suit Larry, and are surprised to learn that an updated to Leisure Suit Larry is just around the corner. After a bit of fun discussion we get serious discuss the latest security test on Wall Street where they are playing War Games on their infrastructure. Can they benefit from something like Chaos Monkey? What if these threats could leverage Adaptive Learning? Can you? Of course you can, check out our discussion of Knewton – the adaptive learning platform. Also, check out our post on Google+ about game based learning.

Wicked Paradise
Oculus Rift Co-Founder Dies in Police Chase Incident
Leather Goddesses of Phobos
Leisure Suit Larry
Wall Street plays Cyber Warfare!
Chaos Monkey
Gamers really do see reality differently!
Adaptive Learning
Behind the scenes of the worst parking ever!
Desert Island Jukebox
Phaedra – Guild Wars 2
Michael R – Mine Craft
Michael M – Guantlet
Punch Out


A slight delay

Due to unforeseen events Episode 49 will be slightly delayed. Our hope is to post it by Tuesday late night, instead of our normal Sunday time. We apologize to our listeners.