Episode 147 – Selfies for Safety

It’s all about autos, safety, bricks, and music generated by AI. We muse whose music would like to hear more of if computers could write the songs, how about some new Punk!?! We review Tesla’s new update on autopilot mode. Are you comfortable with over the air updates for your car? Have you scanned your favorite book yet? What’s your favorite Nintendo game? Would you fly your Legos? All this and more on this week’s episode of Games At Work dot Biz!

Show Links:
Uber is using selfies for security
AI Writes a new Beatles song
Keep your hands on the wheel
You can scan a book by its cover
Put a PI in your Nintendo Cartridge
Lego Drones!

Games we are Playing:
Dungeon boss continues
Super Phantom Cat – Android
Super Phantom Cat – iOS


Episode 21 – Gaming the Game Genome

The Michael’s are back at it again this time with a new website that claims to be able to figure out your gaming mood. Thinking back to the Music Genome Project, which we can’t believe is over 13 years old now, we take a look at the Game Genome Project website, which we can only hope will do the same thing for gaming. We miss our new co-host Phaedra Boinodiris again this week, but soldier on with this weeks show. We look at other ideas for Genome projects to figure out what other cool relationships we can figure out. We also talk about Legos and Fischertechnik, and the freakish contraptions you can build by mashing together building sets with a bit of 3D Printing. We also play with the idea (thank you Andy Ihnatko) of how could you game cleaning up the Apple IOS 6 map issues.

This week’s Links:
Game Genome Project
Music Genome Project
Warp 11
Pandora Media
Good Reads
3D Printing and Lego
Stack Exchange and Lego
STEM FischerTechnik
Tim Cook and Maps
Ride the Duck


Episode 9 – Reality is Broken

Michael and Michael get back together for another exciting episode. This episode we start our periodic review and analysis of the book “Reality is Broken” by Jane McGonigal, PhD. We focus on the first three chapters this episode in order to get us all a good foundation of why we play games, and what value you can get out of them.

We learn that most senior executives are actually playing games at work almost every day! Check it out –

From the book - Reality is Broken

Tell your boss you are emulating your Senior Executives


We also talk about two really cool examples of music, learning and fun:
Bobby McFerrin – World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale
Ben Zander – “Ode to Joy”